Songs for Littles

I compiled and edited footage into fun, engaging, and educational segments for preschool-aged children. The most recent video that I was an editor on has amassed over 250k views!

Pencil & Jess

​I created this short web series in March of 2020, just as the Covid-19 pandemic began. This series was created as a way to help kids develop a greater understanding of the coronavirus as well as ways to stay safe while still having fun at home.

Advanced German

"Advanced German" is a student-produced sitcom from Hofstra University that follows a rowdy and eccentric group of High Schoolers in their German class. This episode, "The Scam (Der Bertrug)" was produced by the 2020 class of television production students in the Lawrence Herbert School of Communication. I was a writer, director, and cast coordinator for this episode.

Thursday Nite Live

Thursday Nite Live is a live sketch comedy show produced and broadcast monthly by the students of Hofstra University. I was a staff writer and on the cast from 2016-2019 and the Head Writer from 2019-2020. We produced 6 hour-long episodes each year that were broadcast to thousands of viewers. Each episode featured live sketches, pre-recorded shorts, a musical performance, and a "weekend update" style news segment.

Two Weeks Notice

Two Weeks Notice is a late-night, talk show style television series produced by Hofstra students. The 30-minute episodes feature commentary by the show's host and sidekick, as well as an invited guest. I directed the 3rd episode of season 5 in 2019. I prepared camera cue sheets, helped assign crew positions, and worked directly with the producers, assistant director, technical director, and the head writers to ensure that the episode ran smoothly.

Produced Segments

I produced and edited these segments which feature different students and organizations at Hofstra University. These videos were created as a part of the courses "single-camera TV production" and "Television Production: Non-Fiction."

Short Films

I wrote, directed, and produced these short films while studying at Hofstra University in the Lawrence Herbert School of Communications. I used various software and cameras such as DSLRs, a Bolex film camera, the Hitachi SK-UHD4000, and 3DS Max. These shorts were created for various courses such as, "intro to filmmaking" and "single-camera TV Production."

High School Short Films

In my junior and senior year of high school, I found a passion for storytelling and filmmaking. Through the help of my friends and family, I was able to begin to create short films that I was immensely proud of. These films were recognized In both local and national competitions such as the Irvington Diversity Rocks Festival, the Rockland Youth Film Festival, and the All American High School Film Festival.
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