Title: Baker's Hollow (animated)

In the Turn of the Century America, a single mother and her two daughters fight to keep their Bed and Breakfast afloat while mysterious spirits begin to appear in their small town.

Title: Thruworld (animated)

Thruworld is about two BFFs: Mushroom, a levelheaded and career-oriented mushroom with a passion for drawing, and Salem, an exuberant bat with a free-spirited approach to life. Mushroom and Salem have decided to drop everything and travel the country visiting eccentric towns while they work as GPS mappers for the world's biggest tech company.

Title: Darcy's Studio (children's)

Darcy's Studio is a half-hour educational Television show aimed at preschool-aged kids, that explores the world of art with the help of the host, Darcy, and her puppet best friend, Pencil the Raccoon. Formatted after shows like Reading Rainbow or Bill Nye The Science Guy, each episode explores one topic on a different aspect of art: painting, dance, theater, comedy, music, poetry, sculpture, photography, etc. 

Title: Acting Out (comedy)

Maya, a recent college dropout, joins “Spilt Milk,” a touring children’s theater troupe composed of an unlikely mix of eclectic personalities, and convinces them to go rogue and start performing their own sketches against the will of their parent company.

Title: Preppers (comedy)

A typical suburban family grapples with their father's sudden and seemingly unprompted belief the end of the world is "nigh."


Title: Dino Park (comedy)

This mockumentary follows the eclectic and somewhat incompetent group of employees at "dino park," the world's first amusement park with live dinosaurs. This parody of Jurassic park takes a comedic look at what a pre-historic theme park would look like set in the present. 

Title: Good Riddance (dramedy)

The first female late-night host fights to keep her show and crew afloat as they are wrapped up in a huge McCarthy era scandal.​

Title: In the Stars (dramedy)

After losing her father to cancer, Brynn, a woman on the brink of 40 with nothing to lose decides to taker her horoscope advice literally. “In the stars” a dark comedy explores death, spirituality, and the intersection of destiny and free will.

Spec Scripts

Bob's Burgers- "Aide De Summer Camp" 

(Quarterfinalist in the Austin Film Festival)

Bob and Linda poorly grapple with their kids going to summer camp for the first time. Meanwhile, Louise faces off once again with her arch-nemesis, Logan, during the camp games. 

Donkey Hodie

Donkey Hodie and her friends are excited to put on a play for the "Festival of Many Things." However, Donkey Hodie gets overwhelmed and decides that she wants to cancel the show when she notices all the little things that could go wrong. 


Title: Must-See TV

Set in the early '90s, An obscure disease leaves the world ravaged, barren, and in shambles. For an unknown reason, those who have watched an absurd amount of movies and television were left with immunity to the disease, leaving only the geeks to roam the earth. 


Quirks of Art- for kids and families

In “Quirks of Art,” hosts and museum curators, Leah and Sawyer, blend storytelling and comedy to explore all things funny and fascinating in the world of art history. Our podcast takes place in the most extraordinary art museum of all time, where things are always upside down, backwards, and criss-cross applesplat!